In loving memory of our daughter Crystal Diane Brazier “Squeaker” June 12, 1982 to March 8th, 2011 …you will be missed

Welcome to Pegasus Pilot Services


Q1, WHAT DOES PEGASUS PILOT SERVICES DO? We are a CFR Part 91 aircraft delivery and training service within and outside the United States of America.

Q2. WHAT IS THEIR AVAILABILITY? Our crews are available to serve your logistical and/or training needs 24/7.

Q3. WHAT IS THEIR THE COST? Our services are based upon two criteria, for those within the boundaries of the USA, it's a daily rate plus expenses .. For those outside the USA it's a bit more complicated and changes weekly as we are dealing with other country's rules and policies. USA Quotes are good for 30 days. 

Q4. HOW DO I PAY FOR THIS SERVICE? Payment can be made in the following: 1. Money Order 2, Bank Wired Transfer 3. Credit Card 4. Cash. All funds will be placed in an escrow account until contract is completed.

Q5. HOW CAN I FIND MORE? You can ..

Call (1-316-214-4470)
Email me at (pilot4hire@outlook.com or Alexander@PegasusPilotServices.com
Visit our website (www.PegasusPilotServices.com); 
our Facebook Page (www.Facebook.com/PegasusPilotServices);
LinkedIn (Alexander M Brazier) 
All will provide you contact and company information.


We DO NOT claim or desire to be the cheapest; we focus on honesty, legality, safety, and efficiency. We respect your property and treat it like our own. If we cannot meet our mission statement then we will not do it. We will either do it right or not do at all. It is that simple.

We encourage you to review our site and if you have a need we are happy to provide a quote. It's free!

For more information about our services and how we can meet your needs please E-mail Alexander@PegasusPilotServices.com or phone 1-316-214-4470