In loving memory of our daughter Crystal Diane Brazier “Squeaker” June 12, 1982 to March 8th, 2011 …you will be missed

Business Executive Air Service (BEAS); safety certification, compliance, and technical support.

Cirrus Aircraft; revitalizing general aviation by designing and building affordable personal aircraft that are safer, more comfortable and easier to operate

Holland Aero/North Atlantic Handling Systems; JetProp Ferrying and insurance approved training services


OPMAS, 6th VAT Tacticle Wing; operating out of Denmark, specializing in EU VAT and importation

PerDiem Pilots LLC;Transport category international and domestic aircraft delivery, acceptance testing, short & long term crewing, training, contract maintenance and 24/7 global aircraft support

Aircraft broker at Lone Star Executive airport, Conroe Texas.

Aircraft for sale - http://www.globalair.com/aircraft_for_sale 
Airport Directory - http://www.globalair.com/airport 
Aviation Directory - http://www.globalair.com/directories/ 
Aviation Articles - http://blog.globalair.com/ 

Ferry Pilots / Aicraft Delivery

Worldwide Aircraft and Helicopter delivery and more